Stefan Schönegg

Bassplayer, Improviser, Composer

Enso: Strings & Percussion – Reviews

Here is a review by Martin Hufner in Neue Musikzeitung

Here Ken Waxman writes on about Enso and Metaculture

The focus of Stefan Schönegg’s formation Enso is sound. And there is nothing to shake about that. Already the four previous releases of the quartet – which optionally even grows to an octet – testify to the tireless, as it were precise urge to get on the track of the sound and its production. […] Enso’s music is and has always been there. […] On the foil of suspended time, the ear loses itself in an infinite landscape. Rarely has resolution been more beautiful.
Gerardo Scheige, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

Strings & Percussion is the latest project of Cologne bassist, composer and label producer Stefan Schönegg in his Enso series, with which, album after album, he plays himself free of jazz and improvisation clichés, but also refrains from any ingratiation with new music standards. An exercise in autonomy. If you ask around in the local jazz scene about originality, independence and persistence, you will always hear Schönegg’s name.
Strings & Percussion is exactly that: three string players, two percussionists, who, without any vanity, circle themes and ideas collectively and to the point of sonic indistinguishability, perhaps formulating an idea or not, letting the sounds swell but never overflow.
Felix Klopotek, Stadtrevue