New Projects coming up

Trying to make the best out of the pandemic situation, I am working on three new projects this year: First there is a new duo with long-time collaborator Etienne Nillesen on extended snare drum. Also a new quintet with Sandra Weiss from Zürich on bassoon, Michael Thieke from Berlin on clarinet, Nathan Bontrager from Köln on cello and Etienne and me. Here is a first little miniature from a recording session in February 2021 in Köln which will be released this fall!

Last but not least, I am very proud to be featured on the first edition of Cologne Jazzweek this September with a new sextet including: Kari Rønnekleiv on violin, Ole-Henrik Moe on viola, Judith Hamann on cello, Toma Gouband on lithophone and Etienne Nillesen on snare drum!